SWAD: Scottish Wetlands Archaeological Database
An Iron Age bronze cauldron found in Blairdrummond Moss in 1768

The Scottish Wetlands Archaeological Database (SWAD) is an Historic Scotland (HS) commissioned project designed primarily to produce a fuller understanding of the potential of Scottish wetland archaeology. As it now stands there are over 6,000 records in the database. All of the data can be freely searched by using the above links.

Details about the ArcMap and ArcView compatibility of SWAD are available here.

Between 2005 and 2008 a complete overhaul of both SWAD and SPAD occurred. This Historic Scotland funded work has seen the transfer of both databases onto a new faster, more efficient database server and all of the scripts and searches have been rewritten. This will lead to faster and easier searching of both systems.

This project is funded by Historic Scotland
Institute of Geography, The University of Edinburgh AOC Archaeology Group Historic Scotland