SWAD: Scottish Wetlands Archaeological Database


Location Searches

All of the searches available from here enable wetland archeaological records within various administrative areas to be found. It is possible to retrieve all of the sites within an area or just particular types of site. Note that searching for all of the sites within some large geographic areas can result in many records being retrieved (e.g. Highland Region has over 2700 records). If at all possible try to limit your search by choosing particular types of archaeological record or using a smaller geographical area.

Details about the NEW ArcMap and ArcView compatibility of the SWAD are available here.

Note that this database is linked to the SPA Database and it is also possible to search for palaeoecological sites close to wetland archaeological records. This option is available under the Soil, Land Cover and Status information which is displayed once the details on a particular record are listed.

Site area: island, council, region, district and parish
Map: Use a clickable map to search for archaeological records within a user-defined area
Grid Reference: Search for archaeological records in an area defined by two Ordnance Survey grid references