SWAD: Scottish Wetlands Archaeological Database

GIS Download Help Pages

It is now possible to download to download sites from both SWAD and SPAD in a format which can then be imported into either ArcView or ArcMap (part of ArcGIS 8). Once imported into either GIS software, the sites can be displayed on a map of Scotland. Further details can then be retrieved on each site by clicking on the site on your map by using the Hotlink feature in ArcView or the Hyperlink feature in ArcMap. Your default web browser will be launched, the appropriate database will be searched and further details on that particular site will be displayed.
In order to make full use of this new facilitly you must have access to either ArcView 3.x or ArcMap 8.x. As there are differences in the format of the file downloaded from the database, you need to choose which file format to download. To find out how to download and use the GIS data from SWAD and SPAD please follow the appropriate links below. If You have any technical queries please contact Anthony Newton.
Click here if you use ArcMap
Click here if you use ArcView


This project is funded by Historic Scotland
Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh AOC Archaeology Group Historic Scotland