Snow Model Intercomparison Project for forest snow processes

SnowMIP2 intercomparison sites

Meteorological and hydrological data have been obtained from the following sites for use in SnowMIP2:

Alptal, Switzerland
(47°03'N, 8°43'E, 1200 m). ~25 m spruce and fir with leaf area index 2.5 and a nearby meadow. Data supplied by Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.

BERMS Old Jack Pine and Harvested Jack Pine 2002, Saskatchewan, Canada
(53°55'N, 104°42'W, 579 m). 12 - 15 m jack pine forest with leaf area index 1.7 and a 2002 clearcut. Data supplied by Environment Canada.

Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado, USA
(39°53'N, 105°53'W, 2820 m). ~27 m pine, spruce and fir with leaf area index 3 and a 1985 clearcut. Data supplied by the USDA Forest Service.

Hitsujigaoka Experimental Forest, Japan
(42°59'N, 141°23'E, 182 m). ~7 m fir with leaf area index 3. Data supplied by JAMSTEC and the National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region.

Hyytiälä, Finland
(61°51'N, 24°17'E, 181 m). ~15 m pine with leaf area index 2.4. Data supplied by the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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