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Earthquakes - USGS data

Recent earthquakes
The USGS sends out earthquake data at regular time intervals. Below you can select a time frame to be displayed on the map.

Select a time:

Note: You have full control which layer is shown if you go to the "Layers" tab

Historic significant earthquakes

Check the box to see the locations of the largest earthquakes since 1900 with a magnitude over 8.5 (compiled by USGS):

Largest earthquakes since 1900 (Mag >8.5)

See earthquakes since 1900 that caused >1000 deaths (compiled by USGS):

Earthquakes with >1000 deaths since 1900

Earthquakes - Database

This section allows you to query our database. First, specify the time. Second, draw a box around the area you are interested. Default selection is the whole world. Third, use the magnitude and depth sliders to further narrow down your selection.


Show earthquakes from to
...or enter a date (dd/mm/yyyy):

Select an area


This section lets you display volcanoes at different stages in time. If you click on a volcano that has been active in the last week, you see the activity report of the Smithsonian Institute.

Smithsonian Volcano Activity Report:

Volcanoes active in the past week


Show active volcanoes of the past 10,000 years

Here you can query our database to display volcanoes that have been active since 2008.

Show volcanoes in the year:

Here you can turn on and off the different layers. For example, try the new Population Density / Poverty map as overlay over Satellite layer (without labels). The Data Overlays section gives you full control over the earthquake and volcano data you have selected in the Data tab.

Other data overlays:
Tectonic plate boundaries
Population Density / Poverty map (use with Satellite)


1. At first glance
When the page is first loaded, you see the all the earthquakes that occurred within past 24 hours and which had a magnitude above 1, symbolized by the circles. The colour and size of the circles are representing the magnitude.

You also see the volcanoes that have been active in the past week (symbolized by the red triangles). If you click on an earthquake or volcano, more information is displayed in a popup. The colourful lines are tectonic plate boundaries - see the Legend tab for more information.

To switch a layer on or off, go to the Layer tab.

2. The data tab

(Requires audio capabilities and Flash)

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