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Doubly vergent wedges

These two chapters investigate the evolution of doubly vergent wedges using clustered particles for constant friction parameters. Chapter 4 looks at the Normal Variability expected within the same boundary conditions for different packing structures. Chapter 5 incorporates a simple erosional algorithm where particles are removed if they exceed some threshold elevation, given by a multiple of the incoming thickness of material, H.

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Doubly vergent wedge

Chapter 4

Boundary condition style Internal friction Basal Friction Animation

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Chapters 5 and 6

Erosion theshold Internal friction Basal Friction Animation
No erosion0.30.2DVW-N(I)
No erosion0.30.2DVW-N(II)
No erosion0.30.2DVW-N(III)
No erosion0.30.2DVW-N(IV)
Remove above 1.5 H0.30.2DVW-E(I)
Remove above 1.5 H0.30.2DVW-E(II)
Remove above 2.0 H0.30.2DVW-E(III)
Remove above 2.0 H0.30.2DVW-E(IV)