Chapter 3

This part describes the numerical implementation of GLIMMER in some detail. It is hoped that more parts will be added in the future.

 3.1 Ice Thickness Evolution
  3.1.1 Numerical Grid
  3.1.2 Ice Sheet Equations in σ–Coordinates
  3.1.3 Calculating the Horizontal Velocity and the Diffusivity
  3.1.4 Solving the Ice Thickness Evolution Equation
  3.1.5 Calculating Vertical Velocities
 3.2 Temperature Solver
  3.2.1 Vertical Diffusion
  3.2.2 Horizontal Advection
  3.2.3 Heat Generation
  3.2.4 Vertical Advection
  3.2.5 Boundary Conditions
  3.2.6 Putting it all together
 3.3 Basal Boundary Condition
  3.3.1 Mechanical Boundary Conditions
  3.3.2 Thermal Boundary Conditions
  3.3.3 Numerical Solution
  3.3.4 Basal Hydrology
  3.3.5 Putting It All Together
 3.4 Isostatic Adjustment
  3.4.1 Calculation of ice-water load
  3.4.2 Elastic lithosphere model
  3.4.3 Relaxing aesthenosphere model