Kemper County Energy Facility

Name Kemper County Energy Facility
Alternative Name Kemper County IGCC Project
Source Power
Scale Demonstration
Location Kemper County, Mississippi
Country USA
Regulation Status Final EIS adpoted Sept. 2012
Primary Company/Alliance Mississippi Power

Project Description New build IGCC plant capturing 65% of CO2 emissions. In collaboration with Shenhua since 2014 for development of technology. CO2 will be sold to Denbury for EOR supply. Construction planned 2012 to 2014, but overran and commissioning spanned to 2017. Generation plant running on natural gas since July 2014. Gasifiers commissioned Dec 2014 to Nov 2016 but further maintenance required on gas cleaning system, ash removal system and tube leaks in syngas cooler. Periods of integrated operation on both gasifiers achieved in Jan, Feb 2017, including supply of CO2 to pipeline. Project delays resulted in Mississippi Power having to repay USD 234 M in tax credits and losing a 15% ownership deal with power purchasing cooperative SMEPA. The State allowed an increase in electricity prices to support the project and US DoE allocated further support (USD 100 M) from unspent "clean coal" funds specifically to protect further changes to consumer prices. July 2017, the state regulator issued an order preventing Mississippi Power from passing on any further costs to customers, and requiring removal of risks associated with lignite gasification - essentially cancelling IGGC and CCS aspects of the project and limiting it to burning natural gas. In a separate project (status now uncertain), funded to USD 11 M by USDoE under the CarbonSAFE programme, the Southern States Energy Board will characterise a potential commercial storage site adjacent to the Kemper project. (Updated 20/07/17)

Status Cancelled/Dormant
Status Comment Construction from 2010 to late 2015, plant operating periodically late 2016, full operation expected end May 2017 but not achieved.
Intended Operational Year 2014
Operation Year
End Operation Year
Date Comment IGCC and CCS aspects cancelled July 2017

Estimated Cost USD 2.4 billion, escalated to >6.8 bn
Public Funding Y
Public Funding Comment USD 270 million from USDoE Clean Coal Initiative, USD 412 million investment tax credits from IRS, less USD 234M repaid for late completion
Public Engagement

Non Commercial Org
CCS Group
Company Comment Mississippi power subsiduary of Southern Company.

Fate EOR
Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Storage company Denbury
Injection (Mt CO2/yr) 3.5
Total Injection (MT CO2)
Storage distance 75 km
Storage country USA
Storage comment EOR in Heidelberg Field
Storage monitoring

Product Electricity
Source company Mississippi Power
Construction New
Permit date
Feedstock Coal
Feedstock detail Lignite
Feedstock additional
Power plant size MW 582
Fuel capacity
Production capacity
Plant capacity comment

Separation type Pre-combustion
Separation technology IGCC using TRIG technology
Separation comment
Capture company
CCS capacity

Transport method Pipe
Transport company
Cluster Y
Cluster comment EOR network
Trans-boundary N
Transport comment

Press (Jul 2016): Gasifer started up and producing syngas.
Press release (Nov 2016): USDoE announces funding for commercial-scale storage site near to Kemper.
Press (June 2017): Reports of regulators meeting halting further progress on use of lignite.
Regulators order (June 2017): Facility should operate using only natural gas