Boundary Dam

Name Boundary Dam
Alternative Name
Source Power
Scale Demonstration
Location Estevan, Saskatchewan
Country Canada
Regulation Status
Primary Company/Alliance Saskpower

Project Description Retrofit of CCS to rebuilt Unit 3 at Boundary Dam power station, captured CO2 sold to Cenovus for use in EOR. FEED study by Fluor in 2009. Shell subsidiary Cansolv Technologies and partner SNC Lavalin contracted for capture system. April'11 Project approved by Gov. of Saskatchewan, construction started. Aquistore Project completed by Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) in Sept'13 and assets transferred to SaskPower; Aquistore will store excess CO2 not required for EOR, up to 1Mtpa. Full operation planned from April 1st 2014 but delayed due to problems with the refit of the power unit, which started up in June. Capture started 14/09/14 during commissioning, first export of CO2 to pipeline 01/10/14, official 'Grand Opening' on 2nd October 2014. Full operation from mid October. Initial performance data released in Feb'15 shows plant operating above expectations. Aquistore started large-scale injection of CO2 from Boundary Dam April 2015, planning up to 1000 t/day for six months. Over 2015 in total only ~0.42 Mt captured, supply to Cenovus fell short of contract and a penalty paid by SaskPower, contract renegotiated. Total of 1 Mt captured by August 2016, with 0.8 Mt in year to end October 2016. Decision on retrofitting further units had been expected in late 2017 but, due to changes in regulation, may now be delayed several years. Sept'17, plant restarts after three-month outage including installing new coolers on main compressor. (Updated 22/11/17)

Status Operational
Status Comment Capture underway from 14/09/14, official opening 02/10/14
Intended Operational Year 2015
Operation Year 2014
End Operation Year
Date Comment

Estimated Cost CAD 1.35 billion, cost of carbon capture element CAD 800 million
Public Funding Y
Public Funding Comment Canadian Government funding up to CAD 240 million
Public Engagement

Non Commercial Org
CCS Group
Company Comment

Fate EOR with MVR
Onshore/Offshore Onshore
Storage company EOR with Cenovus Energy
Injection (Mt CO2/yr) 1
Total Injection (MT CO2)
Storage distance 10-100km
Storage country Canada
Storage comment Storage also with PTRC Aquistore Project, now owned by SaskPower. Storage designed to cope with intermittent injection as offtake for EOR varies.
Storage monitoring Extensive monitoring, both within injection well and monitoring well.

Product Electricity
Source company Saskpower
Construction Retrofit
Permit date
Feedstock Coal
Feedstock detail
Feedstock additional
Power plant size MW 730
Fuel capacity
Production capacity
Plant capacity comment

Separation type Post-combustion
Separation technology Amine
Separation comment
Capture company SNC Lavalin-Cansolv
CCS capacity 110 MWe

Transport method Pipe
Transport company
Cluster N
Cluster comment
Trans-boundary N
Transport comment

Press (Jul 2013): Symposium on Boundary Dam project - link to presentations
Press release (April 2015): Large-scale CO2 injection begins at Aquistore
Press (May 2017): Decision on retrofitting further units delayed after regulation changes.
Press (Sept 2017): Plant restarts after major outage.