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Welcome to my Family Tree.

This tree is primarily based around the following families:

There is, however, substantial information on a large number of other families based in and around Scotland (eg. Kettles, Macintosh, McNair, Robertson etc.). Follow the alphabetic links below for further information. Approximately 820 individuals are included in total.

These lines represent my maternal and paternal families, together with a maternal great-grand mother, tracing back and then forward. People are being added at the rate of around 10 per month as my research progresses.

To see lists of individuals, please select a letter corresponding to the first letter of a surname you're interested in. From that page, please select the name of the individual you're interested in. By simply clicking on a person's name you will see their section of the Family Tree (showing spouse, children, parents and grand-parents). Once you see their tree, click again on their name for further information about them.

Privacy: Note that certain information has been withheld for reasons of protecting the privacy of individuals.

If it turns out you are a member of my family, or you have more information or you see an error in the tree, please e-mail me.

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