The Story of the Young Antigone and Flavian

Antigone (left) & Flavian (right)

This is the first photograph that Bruce took of us, just a day after we came to stay. We are brother and sister, although most people don't believe that. We were born on the 28th March, 1997 and came to stay with Bruce when they were nine weeks old.

And this is a much more recent photo, when we were almost four months old.

Our favourite pastime is sleeping, usually where its warm and of course it must be comfortable!

Our next favourite pastime is eating, but we don't like being disturbed at that, so you'll have to make do with watching us drinking...

Being CautiousOh - why bother?!?

... And so much for toilet training! Desperate measures are required for any training!

And of course we are very good at looking angelic, because no matter how much chaos goes on around us, it is of course nothing to do with us!

"My sister always pushes in front of me" says Flavian, "she says its because she's the lady but I do wonder"

"Don't worry I know my place"

"I do love her though...", continues Flavian"... because sometimes, she looks really cute..."

"But then sometimes, just sometimes, I look cute too..."

The garden was a new and exciting place, where we could pretend to be tigers, hide in the grass and pounce on anything which happened to walk past! Of course Flavian takes hunting in the garden very seriously, and does a passable impersonation of a much bigger cat!

... but taking care not to get spotted by the garden gnome! (Yes, bad taste, but it was a present!)

One day we were decided to dig up the plants in the garden, and we were covered in mud, so Bruce decided a bath was required...

"But if you think I didn't enjoy the experience", says Flavian, "then you should see what my sister had to say on the subject".

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