SPAD: Scottish Palaeoecological Archive Database

Site searches

The Site searches allow you to obtain details about particular sites. There are several different kinds of searches available. It is possible to select sites by geographical area, these include parishes, vice-counties, regions and council areas. The results of a search using these parameters will produce details of all of the sites within these geographical areas, stored in the SPA Database. Sites can also be selected by clicking on a map of Scotland, where you define the size of search of your search area. Further searches can also be carried out using Ordnance Survey Grid References, height above sea-level and the type of site. Finally, if you know the name of the site, details can be obtained by simply typing in the site name. Once a list of sites is retrieved, further searches can carried out for sites with the same parish, vice-county, Region or council area in which that site is found.

Map: Choose your sites by clicking on a point on a map of Scotland and setting the size of your search area.
Site name: Use this search if you know the name of the site you want details about. Even if you do not know the exact name, you can enter part of the name
Site area: Search for sites in a variety of geographical and administrative areas (council, region, county and parish seraches).
Altitude: Search for sites by altitude
OS grid reference: Use OS grid reference coordinates to limit your search
Site type: Search for particular types of site