Global Change in the last 250,000 years (UK PAGES Meeting)

University of Edinburgh

Sarah Metcalfe, John Braisby†, Ann Breen, Sarah Davies, Andrew Dugmore, Peter Furley, Malcolm Murray and Anthony Newton
Department of Geography, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9XP
† Department of Geology & Geophysics, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 3JW

This page contains details of the poster presented at the Global Change in the last 250,000 years (UK PAGES Meeting) held on 10 March 2000 by researchers in the departments of Geography and Geology & Geophysics at the University of Edinburgh who are carrying out palaeoenvironmental research in Mexico and Belize. For further details please contact the authors of this poster.


The region known as MesoAmerica, together with the adjacent Caribbean, offers the opportunity to study climatic and environmental change in a sensitive area of the northern hemisphere tropics. Human exploitation of the region has been intensive and relationships between climate, people and environment are complex. Research is being undertaken in Mexico, Belize and Cuba to address a range of themes including: Climatic change over the last glacial cycle; Drought episodes during the Holocene The impact of volcanic activity on the palaeolimnological record Environmental histories of the last 500 years, high resolution records of climatic change and human impact

Downloadable PDF Files

The PDF files accessible below contain the poster presented at the Global Change in the last 250,000 years (UK PAGES Meeting). In order to view these files it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader and you must be running at least Version 3, Version 4 produces the best results.

Introduction.pdf Introduction of the poster including the themes of the research, collaborators in the UK and elsewhere and the sponsers of the research.
Maps.pdf Maps of MesoAmerica including details maps of central Mexico and Belize and recent publications.
Climate_Change.pdf Research on Long-Term Climate Change in northern Mexico. This research is centred in the Chihuahuan desert.
Drought_Histories.pdf This research concentrates on the records of periods drought both in Mexico and Belize.
High_Resolution.pdf High-resolution records of Post-Hispanic environmental change are being developed for lakes from the highlands of Central Mexico.
Volcanic_Impact.pdf The nature of the impact of tephra deposition on the palaeo record provided by diatoms is being investigated through studies of lake sediment sequences from a series of basins across the volcanic highlands of central Mexico.

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