Edinburgh Seismic Research

Edinburgh Seismic Research

Meeting C21st energy demand requires innovative exploration and management of Earth's resources.

Edinburgh Seismic Research is a Research Centre established to deliver world-class R&D capability to explore and monitor hydrocarbons, water, ores, and stored waste in the Earth's subsurface.

ESR also has active links with research groups in hydrocarbon production & management, carbon-dioxide capture & storage, and earthquake seismology.

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Edinburgh Seismic Research - ESR - is the UK's largest group of academic scientists in Exploration Geophysics. It spans all parts of the exploration seismology processing and interpretation chain, and provides a world-class, one-stop shop for expertise and research in interrogation, exploration and monitoring of the Earth's subsurface.

ESR is a federation of research groups spanning The University of Edinburgh, The British Geological Survey, and Heriot-Watt University. It includes two world-renowned industrially-funded research consortia, and currently has 10 permanent researchers, 10 fellows, and more than 25 PhD students.

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