Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project Details

1. Key Information

Project ID4
Project NamePetra Nova Carbon Capture Project
Alternative NameWA Parish Carbon Capture Project
LocationSmither's Lake, near Houston, Texas
ContinentNorth America
Regulation StatusWA Parish Carbon Capture Project
Primary Company / AllianceNRG Energy, JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration

2. Further Information

Project DescriptionConstruction of CCS facility using Fluor Econamine FG Plus process on 240 MW equivalent flue gas slipstream from Unit 8 of WA Parish plant (The current project up-rates an earlier plan for CCS on 60MW eqivalent slip-stream.). Captured CO2 to be transported by pipeline 130km to West Ranch Oilfield, Jackson County, for EOR. EIS approved and DOE funding confirmed May 2013. FEED Study completed, FID taken early 2014, construction started July 2014 with commercial operation expected late 2016. NRG Energy has built an additional 75MW gas-turbine generator at the site to provide peak-load supply and also to supply power for the post-combustion capture unit. Plant construction 70% complete by March 2016. CO2 capture stated in September 2016 and commissioning complete by Dec. 2016. Plant declared operational Jan 2017 with formal opening ceremony in April. One million tonnes captured by October 2017. Operations at the plant were suspended in August 2020 due to low oil prices.
Project Website

3. Status

Status CommentOperations suspended in Aug 2020; restarted late 2023
Intended Operational Year2016
Operation Year2016
End Operation Year
Date CommentPlant operational by end 2016, declared open 10/01/17.

4. Funding

Estimated CostUSD c.1 billion
Public FundingYes
Public Funding CommentMarch 2010, US DOE awarded project up to USD 167 million from third round of Clean Coal Project Initiative.
Public Engagement

5. Organisation

Non Commercial OrgUniversity of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology
CCS Group
Company CommentAlso involved: Fluor Corporation, Ramgen/Dresser-Rand, Sargent and Lundy LLC

6. Storage

FateEOR with MVR
On / OffshoreOnshore
Storage CompanyEOR Operator Hilcorp
Injection (MT CO2/yr)1.0
Total Injection (MT CO2)
Storage Distance130 km
Storage CountryUSA
Storage Latitude28.788949
Storage Longitude-96.615665
Storage CommentStorage in EOR operation at West Ranch Oilfield, Jackson County.
Storage Monitoring

7. Production

Source CompanyNRG Energy
PermitApplication to build the capture unit submitted in September 2009. EIS Approved May 2013.
Permit Date2013
Feedstock Detail
Feedstock Additional
Power Plant Size4
Fuel Capacity
Production Capacity
Plant Capacity CommentCCS on 240 MW equivalent.

8. Separation

Separation TypePost-combustion
Separation TechnologyAmine (Econamine FG Plus)
Separation Comment
Capture CompanyFluor
CCS Capacity240 MW

9. Transport

Transport MethodPipe
Transport CompanyTexas Coastal Ventures, JV of Petra Nova+Hilcorp
Cluster CommentBut close to existing EOR network
Transport CommentNew pipeline

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