Peterhead Details

1. Key Information

Project ID32
Project NamePeterhead
Alternative Name
LocationPeterhead, Scotland
Regulation StatusOffshore EIA submitted Jan'15, onshore EIA April'15. Planning permission granted or onshore aspects June 2015.
Primary Company / AllianceShell with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)

2. Further Information

Project DescriptionShell and SSE are developing a CCS demonstration project at Peterhead gas power plant, retrofitting post-combustion capture to one of three 385 MW turbines at the existing facility. CO2 will be transported by offshore pipeline (mostly existing) for storage in Shell's Goldeneye depleted gasfield. In 2012 the storage project was granted the first UK licence for permanent sub-sea geologic storage of CO2. In March 2013 the project was selected as one of two preferred bidders for FEED study funding under the UK Government's Commercialisation Programme. The FEED study contract was signed 24/02/2014, FID expected late 2015. FEED study contracts awarded to Technip for onshore aspects, Wood Group Kenny for pipeline and sub-sea, Mott Macdonald for project management, Shell handling study for platform. June'15 - UK Gov starts publishing Knowledge sharing reports; planning permission granted for onshore aspects. Nov 2015, HM Treasuary withdraws capital funding from Commercialisation Competition putting any further progress of project in serious doubt, Shell state project will not now proceed beyond FEED study committments. (Updated 11/01/16) (Note: A previous BP-led project involving the use of captured CO2 from Peterhead for EOR in the Miller field was abandoned by BP in 2007 after the delay of a Government subsidy award.)
Project Website

3. Status

Status CommentShell state project will not now proceed, Nov 2015.
Intended Operational Year2019
Operation Year
End Operation Year
Date Comment

4. Funding

Estimated Cost
Public FundingYes
Public Funding CommentMarch 2013, selected as preferred bidder for FEED study funding from UK CCS commercialisation programme. Feb 2014, FEED contract signed. Nov 2015, Government withdraws capital funding under Commercialisation Competition.
Public EngagementPublic consultation events in January and summer 2014, third phase completed Feb 2015.

5. Organisation

Non Commercial Org
CCS Group
Company Comment

6. Storage

FateDepleted Oil and Gas
On / OffshoreOffshore
Storage CompanyShell
Injection (MT CO2/yr)1.0
Total Injection (MT CO2)
Storage Distance100 km
Storage CountryUK
Storage Latitude
Storage Longitude
Storage CommentStorage proposed in Goldeneye gas field
Storage Monitoring

7. Production

Source CompanyScottish and Southern Energy
Permit Date
Feedstock Detail
Feedstock Additional
Power Plant Size2177
Fuel Capacity
Production Capacity
Plant Capacity Comment

8. Separation

Separation TypePost-combustion
Separation TechnologyCansolv amine-solvent process
Separation Comment
Capture CompanyShell
CCS Capacity385 MW

9. Transport

Transport MethodPipe
Transport CompanyShell
Cluster Comment
Transport CommentNew offshore pipeline to join existing pipeline off St Fergus.

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Press release (Feb 2014): Shell signs agreement with UK Gov
UK Gov website (from June 2015): CCS knowldege sharing deliverables, publication started.
Press realease (June 2015): Planning permission granted for onshore aspects.
HM Gov statement to Stock Exchange (Nov 2015): GBP 1 Bn 'ring-fenced' funding no longer available.
Press release (Nov 2015): ZEP comment - funding cuts counterproductive