Acorn Details

1. Key Information

Project ID2081
Project NameAcorn
Alternative NameAcorn CCS Project, Acorn Hydrogen
LocationSt Fergus
Regulation StatusLease option from Crown Estate Scotland and Licence from OGA both granted 2018
Primary Company / AllianceStoregga, Harbour Energy, Shell, North Sea Midstream Partners

2. Further Information

Project DescriptionAcorn is comprised of Acorn CCS (includes Acorn CO2 SAPLING PCI – see separate entry) and Acorn Hydrogen. There is also an integrated Direct Air Capture (DAC) project. Acorn CCS proposes a low-cost, minimum viable, full chain, integrated industrial CCS facility based largely on re-use of existing assets, from which a more extensive network can be built. The Acorn project is the transport and storage backbone of the Scottish Cluster. Initial phase involves existing amine-based gas separation plant at St Fergus, which currently vents CO2 separated from incoming North Sea gas, which can be developed to capture other emissions from existing or new facilities at the site. The Goldeneye pipeline will be re-purposed to transport CO2 to a new injection well in the Central North Sea. The DAC project is a collaboration (since 2020) with Carbon Engineering to create a 1MtCO2/yr removal facility that will 'plug in' to the Acorn project infrastructure. Acorn Hydrogen proposes to produce hydrogen by reforming natural gas and capturing the CO2 emissions. The hydrogen will be blended with natural gas in the national transmission system at St Fergus; the CO2 will be stored as part of Acorn CCS. Acorn Hydrogen can be operational by 2025, with an initial production target of 1.6TWh/yr, eventually producing over 10TWh/yr.
Project Website

3. Status

StatusIn Design
Status CommentDetailed engineering for first project phase underway, FID expected late 2021. The Scottish Cluster was selected as a ‘reserve project’ in the UK Government’s CCUS Cluster Sequencing Track 1 projects announcement (Oct 2021). Track-2 status awarded July 2023.
Intended Operational Year2024
Operation Year
End Operation Year
Date Comment

4. Funding

Estimated Cost
Public FundingYes
Public Funding CommentAcorn CCS feasibility project funded through EU ERA-NET ACT programme, further funding from UK and Scottish Governments and the EU. Acorn Hydrogen has received early-stage funding from the UK Government.
Public EngagementMuch public engagement activity took place in local communities for the cancelled Peterhead CCS project.

5. Organisation

Non Commercial OrgAcorn feasibility study consortium included SCCS, Bellona, Liverpool and Radboud Universities
CCS GroupAcorn CCS has receievd funding/support at different stages from Chrysaor, Shell and Total and Pale Blue Dot Energy
Company Comment

6. Storage

FateSaline Formation
On / OffshoreOffshore
Storage Company
Injection (MT CO2/yr)0.3
Total Injection (MT CO2)
Storage Distance78 km
Storage CountryUK
Storage Latitude
Storage Longitude
Storage CommentAcorn CCS phase 1 expected to store ~0.3MtCO2/yr in the Acorn CO2 Storage Site (the Captain aquifer). Second site at East Mey and several further potential storage sites.
Storage Monitoring

7. Production

ProductNatural gas
Source CompanyApache and others at St Fergus
PermitProject gained pore-space lease agreement with Crown Estate Scotland and storage appraisal licence from Oil & Gas Authority in Autumn 2018.
Permit Date
Feedstock DetailFeed gas <7.85 mol% CO2
Feedstock AdditionalGas combustion emissions on St Fergus site.
Power Plant Size
Fuel Capacity
Production Capacity
Plant Capacity Comment

8. Separation

Separation TypePost-combustion
Separation TechnologyAmine solvent
Separation Comment
Capture Company
CCS Capacity

9. Transport

Transport MethodPipe and Ship
Transport Company
Cluster CommentSeveral emitters at St Fergus, potential to network with Central Scotland cluster and UK/EU ports via CO2 shipping
Transport CommentGoldeneye pipeline proposed for phase 1, with potential re-purposing of the Atlantic and Miller pipelines being considered for subsequent phases.

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Press release (Nov 2018): Crown Estate Scotland award lease agreement.
Press (Nov 2018): OGA announce storage appraisal licence.
Press (June 2019): Project awarded GBP 4.8M from UK Governement.
Press (Aug 2019): Shell and Chrysaor join project as partners.
Press (Sep 2020): PBDE starts working with Carbon Engineering
Storegga website (2021): DAC collaboration between Carbon Engineering and Acorn
Acorn CCS Project website (2021): Acorn CO2 SAPLING PCI info. sheet
UK Parliament (Oct 2021): UK’s CCUS Cluster Sequencing Process Track 1 projects announcement
UK Gov (Jul 2023): Cluster sequencing for carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS): Track-2