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Society Group Members

Programme Leaders: Dr Ioan Fazey, Dr Alexandre S. Gagnon .

Name; Institution Research Interests
Paul Adderley; StirlingGeoarchaeology and Environmental History of the African Sahel
Simon Allen; EdinburghLecturer in Sustainable Development
Thorsten Balke; GlasgowResearch specialises in biogeomorphology.
David Blackwood; AbertayMy research interests are in the field of Sustainable Development, in particular in the integration of decision process mapping, decision analysis, and stakeholder engagement and communications in sustainable decision making.
Maricela Blair; GlasgowMicro- and nanoplastics in wastewater systems and receiving waters.
David Borthwick; Glasgow Modern and contemporary literary responses to the environment, at present focusing on poetic responses to landscape and place.
John Briggs; GlasgowRelationship between the use and management of natural resources and sustainable rural development in low income countries
Irena Connon; DundeeSocial Anthropology, my research focuses on the human impacts of responses to environmental disasters.
Simon Cuthbert; UWSExperience/ Expertise centres upon analysis and interpretation of the mineralogy and fabric of geological materials and related inorganic wastes, and applications of Geographical Information Systems to the Earth and Environmental Sciences.
Dr. Althea Davies;St AndrewsLecturer in Environmental Geography.
Terry Dawson; DundeeMy current research interests are very cross-disciplinary and focus on: Complex Systems and Earth Systems Science; Application of Integrated Assessment (IA) techniques for evaluating environmental change and anthropogenic impacts on landscapes, biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem services.
Luca De Siena; Aberdeen Velocity, attenuation & scattering tomography.
Urska Demsar; St Andrews Spatio-temporal visual analytics.
Jen Dickie; Stirling My research interests are focused around the socio-technical assemblages of renewable energy systems, public perceptions and reaction to energy transitions, energy justice and the role of sustainable housing in the transition to a low carbon economy.
Ruth Falconer; Abertay3D visualizaion and modelling of complex and self adaptive networks.
Ioan Fazey; DundeeProcesses for achieving sustainable development including how to do trans-disciplinary research, effectiveness of participatory processes, interventions that facilitate learning and conceptual change. Environmental conservation. Human-environment interactions. Sustainable development.
Janet Fisher; EdinburghExamining the links between environmental change, environmental management and human development.
Robin Flowerdew; St AndrewsMigration and the geography of health; Analysis of geographical data, including technical issues such as the modifiable areal unit problem
Alexandre Gagnon; West of Scotland Vulnerability to climate change and assessment of adaptive capacity; Climate predictability at the seasonal to decadal time-scales; Climatic and environmental influences on health issues.
Alistair Geddes; DundeeLecturer in Geography.
Daniel Gilmour; AbertayResearch interests are in the fields of sustainability assessment, decision support and public participation in decision making, in particular, on the enhancement of sustainability in the built and natural environment.
Julen Gonzalez; Dundee/Hutton InstituteResearch interests stand between natural resource management and macroeconomic governance.
David Green; Aberdeen UAVs - Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing (DIP) - Cartography and Digital Mapping - Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
Fabricio Guaman; St Andrews Quantification of the effects of ocean acidification on benthic foraminifera.
Nicholas Hanley; St Andrews Environmental valuation, especially with stated preference methods.
Jim Hansom ; GlasgowGeomorphology; Coastal processes, forms and evolution; Polar environmental change and its management.
Trevor Hoey; GlasgowSediment transport processes in gravel-bed rivers; The dynamics of braided rivers; Numerical modelling of sediment transport and landscape evolution; The geomorphological basis of river management.
Rachel Howell; EdinburghHuman and social dimensions of, and reponses to, sustainability issues - particularly climate change - at different sites and scales including the individual, society, and policy and governance.
John Hughes; UWSConstruction materials performance and analysis- cement, concrete, stone, mortar especially in historic buildings.
Nick Hulton; EdinburghGlacial modelling; glaciology; climate change; high performance computing; Geographical Information Science.
Andrew Hursthouse; West of ScotlandEnvironmental geochemistry; the impact of earth system science on human activities; chemical hazards and their mitigation; data quality & risk assessment; policy-making
Samesa Igirigi; AbertayAssessing the viability of renewable energy solutions: Using a sustainable business model framework (case for Nigeria).
Isotein Ikiroma-Owiye; UWSThe impact of climate variability on the incidence of waterborne diseases in Scotland.
Tim Ingold; AberdeenKnowing From the Inside: Antropology, Art, Architecture and Design.
Dr. Antonio Ioris; Edinburgh My research is interdisciplinary in form and subject and draws on disciplines of human geography, political studies & environmental sciences.
Aidan Keane; Edinburgh Research focusses particularly on understanding how conservation interventions try to change behaviour, how their effectiveness can be improved amnd what their outcomes are for individuals and communities.
Jasper Kenter; SAMS Research interests cover ecological and environmental economics, ecosystem services, environmental psychology, ethics, conservation, sustainable development, and environment-spirituality links.
Andy Kerr; Edinburgh Developing effective national and regional policy frameworks that support the reduction in our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Susan Mwila Kabwe; UWSA risk based approach to water resource management in urban Zambia under a changing climate.
Xavier Lambin; Aberdeen Population community and conservation biology.
Nina Laurie; St AndrewsDevelopment geographer concerned with the relationships between development, politics, culture and the social and physical environment.
Jed Long; St AndrewsSpatial and space-time analysis; Movement data; Time geography.
Marisol Lopez; DundeeHuman Geography, Achieving Fairness? An evaluation of poverty alleviation strategies.
David Lusseau; Aberdeen Causes and consequences of behavioural decisions. Using mathematical and statistical models grounded in empirical studies to investigate the mechanisms and strategies individuals use to interact with their socioecological landscape.
Christopher Lyon; Dundee Research explores and develops the social concept of power as it relates to resilience thinking and practice.
Laura McHardie; AberdeenThe ecology of early medieval royal centres (Palaeoecology).
Professor Colin McInnes; Glasgow My research interests cover the broad application of mathematical modelling to a range of problems in Engineering Science including: Astrodynamics, Swarming systems, Smart Structures & Macro-engineering.
Iain McLellan; UWS Land contamination & remediation, air quality, ecosystem services, onshore oil & gas extraction.
Andy McLeod; EdinburghGlobal environmental change; environmental sustainability; impacts on stratospheric ozone depletion and ultraviolet radiation on ecosystems; air pollution; climate change; environmental change and sustainability
Patrick Meir; Edinburgh Ecosystem science; carbon-water relationship of plants and ecosystems; terrestrial carbon cycle; tropical forests.
Marc Metzger; EdinburghGlobal change impacts on ecosystem services; foresight analysis; accessing stock and change in ecosystem resources.
Heather Morgan; Aberdeen Specialises in research where technologies meet surveillance/monitoring (including sousveillance/self-monitoring), compliance/deviance and gender.
Craig Morton Aberdeen Early career researcher working in the field of Transportation Studies & Energy demand with an academic history in economics.
Sibonakaliso Mpala; UWSThe hyrogeological characterisation of alluvial aquifers in sub-Saharan Africa using remote sensing techniques and hydrological measurements.
Graham Muir; SUERCEnvironmental radioactivity: The application of natural (uranium decay series) and anthropogenic radionuclides (14C, 137Cs, 241Am etc.) as analogues of geochemical rates and processes in marine and coastal ecosystems; e.g. 14C distribution, geochemistry and fate in coastal UK water and uptake-transfer processes by biota.
Larissa Naylor; GlasgowInterests include the fields of biogeomorphology, rock weathering and coastal erosion, management and climate change impacts.
Eva Panagiotakopulu; EdinburghLecturer in Palaeoecology.
Hester Parr; GlasgowMy research includes work on qualitative social geographies of mental health, disability and illness.
Genevieve Patenaude; EdinburghLecturer in Forests and Carbon Management.
Chris Pollard; StirlingLinking game theory and structured decision-making for management of conservation conflict.
Tavis Potts; Aberdeen His interest spans the critical examination of the social and political dimensions of environmental governance, including the emergence of new governance ideologies, the design of policy and legal instruments and how these instruments play out in the social context.
Heather Price; StirlingMy main areas of expertise are spatiotemporal change in pollution, the water-energy-food nexus and sustainable and pro-poor development.
Zermina Qayyum; UWS Geospatial analysis of climate change vulnerability in South Asia using Remote Sensing.
Stephen Redpath; AberdeenMy core research interests lie in ecology and conservation.
David Reay; EdinburghNitrous oxide emissions from agriculture; Methane oxidation in soils; Microbial ecology; Diffuse water pollution; Land use impacts on greenhouse gas fluxes; Carbon dioxide emission from soils and biomass; Global methane budgets; Science communication
Alison Reeves; DundeeWater quality: Sediment fingerprinting; Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging to study oil binding in sediments; Changes to EU legislation regarding the aquatic environment; Water resource management and environmental impact assessment
Samuel Rice; UWS Research focuses on the geological record of tectonic processes and exploration for economic resources.
Mark Rounsevell; EdinburghEnvironmental Change & Sustainability; Links with policy
Noor Saeed; St AndrewsAnalysing geographical variation of morbidity and mortality in relation to proximity from health services across Scotland.
Andrew Samuel; AbertayMy research interests engage analytically with the creation of a sustainable and integrated environmental policy for Scotland..
Marian Scott; Glasgow Model uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; modelling the dispersal of pollutants in the environment; radiocarbon dating; assessment of animal welfare.
Beverley Searle; DundeeInterdisciplinary research on the role of assests (financial, physical or human) in securing wellbeing and welfare over the life course.
Elena Sesana; UWS Risk, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change of cultural heritage in Scotland.
Jo Sharp; GlasgowFeminist, postcolonial, cultural and political geographies
Ian Simpson; StirlingSoils, sediments and landscape history.
Cristian Simonetti; AberdeenResearch focuses on perception, communication, corporeal movement, technology, and especially on the relationship between the experience and conceptualization of time and space. He is currently working on scientific understandings of time in the interdisciplinary study of climate change.
Timothy Stojanovic; St AndrewsLecturer in Sustainable Development and Geography.
Kathleen Stosch; Stirling Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments.
Neil Stuart; EdinburghGeographical Information Science; hydrology. GIS supported methods to solve practical problems of land and water resource management. GIS applications for developing nations.
Eileen Tisdall; StirlingCurrent research interests are centered on investigating Holocene climate change in particular defining the record in terms of single climatic variables.
Paul van Gardingen; EdinburghForest management; poverty reduction and development in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Rebecca Wade; AbertayUrban Environments, Urban Ecosystem Services, Water & Rivers/Hydromorphology.
Charles Warren; St AndrewsDynamics & climatic sensitivity of lake-calving glaciers (Patagonia and Iceland); Aspects of Scottish environmental management, including the socio-economic implications of land use change, and environmental policy analysis.
Rehema White; St AndrewsI am currently involved in a project to explore rehabilitation after mining in Sierra Leone; a RELU project to examine collaborative management of rural resources using wild deer as a case study; a project to extend knowledge transfer from researcher to practitioner and a project to examine the challengesand benefits of interdisciplinary learning using sustainable development as an example.
Jennifer Williams; DundeeExploring tools and processes for resilience learning: How can joined-up learning influence effective policy processes?
Clare Wilson; StirlingLecturer in Soil Science.
Jing Yao; GlasgowResearch interests cover a wide range of areas in geographic information science, including spatial analysis, spatial statistics, spatial modeling, and spatial optimization.