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Society Theme

The Society Theme is led by Dr Ioan Fazey, Dr Alexandre S. Gagnon .

SAGES members are involved in three types of work: Communication...of geoscience and environmental science; Engagement (knowledge exchange) with policy makers and businesses; Understanding human processes - behaviours - in response to environmental change. Topics on which SAGES members are undertaking work include:

Vulnerability and adaptation to environmental change: environmental governance; adaptation to climate change and variability; social impacts of flooding; community adaptive capacity; population change, mobility and vulnerability; international development.

Individual and social behaviour: residential choice behaviour; behavioural change dynamics; socio-economic scenarios; waste minimisation.

Carbon management and energy policy: Low carbon housing; carbon markets; value of carbon landscapes; climate and energy policy; biofuels - social impacts.

Ecosystem services & beneficiaries: Soil ecosystem services; capacity modelling of coastal-marine systems; environmental values; environmental management and development; ecosystem services and international development.

Land use, landscapes, soils: Decision processes of land use and cover change; landscape history; rural and urban sustainability; ethno-pedology.

Knowledge exchange: Science-policy interface; stakeholder engagement; public engagement and communication; outreach - science in society; tools for policy makers; communicating sustainability; knowledge elicitation.

Social simulation & visualisation: 3D visualisation; complexity theory & self-adaptive systems; emergent systems modelling; agent-based modelling; life-cycle analysis.