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Centre for Earth System Dynamics (Modelling) Members

*Programme Leader: Simon Tett* * *

Name; Institution Research Interests
Dmitry Aleynik; SAMS Physical Oceanography - modelling and observations.
Mikael Attal; EdinburghUnderstanding and quantifying fluvial erosion processes. Defining the role of fluvial incision in landscape development, particularly in active orogenic settings.
Doug Benn; St AndrewsDebris covered glaciers; climate change; glacier lake outburst flood risk; glaciation of the Everest region, Snowball Earth hypothesis; Glacier modelling
Paul Bishop;GlasgowCenozoic landscape evolution; Holocene environments and people in the tropics.
Maricela Blair; GlasgowMicro- and nanoplastics in wastewater systems and receiving waters.
Roderick Brown; GlasgowLow-Temperature Thermochronology; Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclides; Geodynamics & Landscape Evolution; Remote Sensing; Digital Geoscience
Bianca Cavazzin; Glasgow Paleotemperature change in the drought-prone Canadian Prairies.
Jean-Christophe Comte; Aberdeen Regional hydrogeology.
Finlo Cottier; SAMSThe main areas of my research involve the shallow, coastal seas of the Arctic, particularly in the waters around Svalbard and Greenland. My primary research interests are in physical oceanography but I'm also interested in the multi-disciplinary view of high-latitude seas.
Greg Cowie; EdinburghBiogeochemistry; organic geochemistry; biomarker applications; organic matter cycling and preservation in marine sediments; natural and pollutant organic compounds in marine and terrestrial environments.
Andrew Dale; SAMSPrincipal Investigator in Numerical Modelling.
Ruth Doherty; EdinburghCoupled climate and atmospheric chemistry modelling; Climate variability - large scale climate indices - ENSO, NAO, IOD and their influence on regional climate; Climate change and variability effects on ecosystems and their uncertainty
Richard Essery; EdinburghScaling of snow processes over complex landscapes for atmospheric and hydrological modelling applications.
Ruth Falconer; AbertayModelling and visualization of complex systems in environmental science specifically soil ecosystems and urban and rural sustainability.
Philip Gillibrand; UHIMarine renewable energy and the environment,
Jefferson Gomes; Aberdeen Self-adaptive computational methods; Multiphase compositional porous media flow (reservoir simulation); Safety assessment for nuclear systems (severe accident modelling); Atmospheric modelling.
Fabricio Guaman; St Andrews Quantification of the effects of ocean acidification on benthic foraminifera.
Gabi Hegerl ; EdinburghClimate modelling and climate observation; Climate diagnostics and statistical climatology; variability and changes in climatic extremes, Constraining future climate change; the use of proxy data to study climate variability and change during the last millennium.
Trevor Hoey; GlasgowSediment transport processes in gravel-bed rivers; The dynamics of braided rivers; Numerical modelling of sediment transport and landscape evolution; The geomorphological basis of river management.
Nick Hulton; EdinburghGlacial modelling; glaciology; climate change; high performance computing; Geographical Information Science.
Linda Kirstein; EdinburghApplying geochemistry and petrology techniques to investigating fundamental questions regarding the origin and evolution of rocks at all levels (from shallow surface to deep mantle) in the Earth system. Within the School of GeoSciences my research spans the Global Change and Earth and Planetary Science research groups.
Ian Lawson; St AndrewsA Quaternary scientist, trained in pollen analysis and related palaeoenvironmental techniques.
Christopher Lyon; Dundee Research explores and develops the social concept of power as it relates to resilience thinking and practice.
Richard Middlemiss; Glasgow Research involves the development of cheap, miniaturised gravity sensors that could be used for monitoring volcanoes.
Mike Mineter; EdinburghParallel processing and GIS; high performance software for environmental and ice-sheet modelling.Parallel generalisation of raster images (supported by JRC, Ispra).
John Moncrieff; EdinburghLand-atmosphere exchange of radiately active gases (CO2 and CH4); transport and diffusion in the Planetary Boundary Layer.
Veronica Morales; AbertayResearch addresses the broad theme of groundwater quality, with particular interest for contaminant transport processes taking place in partly-water saturated soils.
Simon Mudd; EdinburghArid region hydrology; hillslope geomorphology; sediment transport processes; chemical weathering; soil development, landsliding, landscape-tectonic-climate interactions; interactions between plants and geomorphology
Cristina Persano; GlasgowConstraining relief development using low temperature thermochronometers (apatite fission track and (U-Th)/He systems), and numerical modelling, to explore different ‘scenarios’ of landscape evolution.
Marie Porter; SAMSUnderstanding energy exchange between different geophysical systems. The main focus of my research is how the ocean influences climate through exchanges with shallow seas and the atmosphere.
Marian Scott; Glasgow Model uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; modelling the dispersal of pollutants in the environment; radiocarbon dating; assessment of animal welfare.
Charlotte Slaymark; GlasgowDevelopment and the application of biomarkers for climate change in the United Kingdom for the last glacial-interglacial transition and early Holocene.
Pete Smith; AberdeenSoil modelling, Global change impacts on ecosystems.
Chris Soulsby; AberdeenRunoff processes, streamflow generation and catchment biogeochemistry; Groundwater - Surface water interactions; Hydroecology of rivers & wetlands
David Stevenson; EdinburghAtmospheric chemistry modelling; Interaction between air pollution and climate change.
Simon Tett; EdinburghMethods to reconstruct past climate from paleo and instrumental data; Modelling future climate; The quantitative analysis of models and observations of climate change in order to constrain the future.
Doerthe Tetzlaff; AberdeenSpatial and temporal variability of how catchments function and behave hydrologically at different scales; hydrological process linkages and the associated landscape controls.
Rhian Thomas; GlasgowThe development and evaluation of a cellular model to simulate braided river dynamics; Utilisation of off-river habitats by lowland river fishes; Ecohydraulics; Geomorphology and hydrology of the River Kerry
Luis Miquel Tomas; AbertayDevelopment of 4D imaging methods to quantify soil structural dynamics with applications to soil science.
Paul Van Gardingen; EdinburghForest management; poverty reduction and development in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Mat Williams; EdinburghVegetation-atmosphere gas exchange; interactions of carbon, nutrient and hydrological cycles; primary productivity and plant allocation; ecosystem models