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SAGES Scientific Themes

SAGES builds on selected research strengths that encompass the main elements of the Earth system, to address some of the *grand challenges* of Earth systems science and environmental change. Our work is based on three interrelated research Themes: Landscape dynamics, Terrestrial carbon cycle and Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate. Click on the images below to find out more about each Theme.

Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 CESD modelling Theme 4

SAGES also offers an integrated vision, bringing together research on different parts of the Earth system to deliver added value. Integration of research across the Themes is inherent in the interactions between parts of the Earth system. Researchers in each Theme will engage in cross-disciplinary work at the boundaries within the system.

The Centre for Earth System Dynamics, is an integrative programme focusing on modelling parts of the Earth system. It will ensure that SAGES delivers more than the sum of its parts. The modelling skills and range of expertise in each Theme will be integrated through the creation of a virtual centre for Earth system dynamics.

The Society programme also adds value to the work of the three Research Themes. This programme will ensure that there is translation between the latest scientific developments and the needs of policy makers, industry and business, and other users of our research.

A third integrative activity is the SAGES graduate programme, whereby we pool our expertise to offer an improved training environment for postgraduate research students.