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SAGES+ Graduate School Re-launch & Annual Retreat

The Burn, Edzell

23-24 November 2015

Postgraduates across the SAGES+ member network are warmly invited to attend the annual graduate school retreat, which is being held at The Burn, near Edzel on 23-24 November, 2015. The theme of this year's event is "knowledge exchange" and we are delighted to have a professional training organisation joining us to lead this cross-cutting area of training. The event includes presentations on SAGES+ graduate school funding, training and professional mentoring opportunities; we also welcome poster presentations to highlight individual research projects. We intend to include an after dinner speaker and fun social events. Come and meet your SAGES+ peer-network and enjoy the benefits of joining the UK's premier geosciences, environment and society pooling initiative.

SAGES+ offer travel support and free registration to all SAGES-affiliated postgraduates and early career researchers. A free minibus service will be available from Dundee and Montrose railway stations to coincide with the start and end of the event.

We welcome further enquiries and suggestions to contribute to this year's event; please contact Professor Bill Austin, SAGES+ Graduate School Convenor for more information.

If you wish to attend please send your completed registration form to Carol Thomson, SAGES+ Administrator.

Registration deadline: 03 November 2015

SAGES Graduate Retreat 2014

The SAGES Annual Graduate School Retreat 2014 was held on 24-26 November 2014 at The Burn, Edzell, Angus.

Academic staff and Postgraduates from across Scotland gathered recently at The Burn for the annual SAGES Graduate School Retreat. This event is now firmly established as one of the highlights of the SAGES graduate school calendar, when PhD students gather to network, share new research ideas and continue to build a uniquely Scottish research community.

Led by SAGES Graduate School Convenor, Professor William Austin (University of St Andrews, front row-right) and SAGES Director, Professor Trevor Hoey (University of Glasgow, second row-right); they were joined by SAGES colleagues, including Professor Wilfred Otten (University of Abertay) and Dr. Jed Long, Dr. Katy Roucoux and Dr. Urska Demsar (University of St Andrews).


This year's theme was "grant success".

Here are some of the comments from this year's delegates:

'It was very well organised, I found it very useful to help develop my academic research skills. It was also a great opportunity for networking and I'm still in touch with a few people I met for the first time.'

'It was brilliant to be alongside such a diverse mix of graduates from the SAGES community and problem solve our way through the funding exercise together, although frustrating at times, I gained so much learning from it. In fact, I found that the connections that I made, and the learning experiences on a whole have been the best yet!'

'As a new member, the Graduate School Retreat was my first SAGES event and I didn't quite know what to expect. It was an insightful, well organised, fun couple of days and I would highly recommend it to others. There was a great balance between academic activities surrounding research funding applications and fun networking events, for example team quizzes and river walks. I'm already looking forward to the next SAGES event in the New Year.'

'It was amazing, and opened my mind to the many levels and possibilities and what it means being on the other side of the world, doing science.'

'The opportunity to meet other students studying similar topics was very valuable, especially coming from a small and new developing group, and coming into a new topic.'

'The opportunity to meet with other PhD students from various disciplines and Universities across Scotland in such an enjoyable setting was great. Everyone, participants, trainers for the workshop, in-house staff and organisers were all friendly and approachable, especially the organising committee, so responsive and helpful. The facilities and location were also great.'

SAGES Graduate Retreat 2013

The SAGES Graduate School Retreat 2013 took place on 28-30 October 2013 at The Burn, Edzell, Angus.

This year’s event was well attended with PhD students from SAGES partner institutes participating in Graduate members’ talks, a Q&A session with the SAGES Director and Head of the Graduate School and a guest lecture by Dr Robert Wilson, Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews. They also enjoyed wine tasting, team quizzes and an outdoor activity. Here are some of the comments from this year’s delegates;

‘The retreat is at the perfect time of year it allows 1st years to introduce there project and 2nd and 3rd year students get the chance of feedback about the ongoing work. The Burn is an excellent location and the food is plentiful and really good. The actual format of the retreat is also really useful it’s a relaxed laid back environment which gives confidence to even first year students the actual formal parts were useful given hindsight into the real academic world.’

‘I thought every aspect of the retreat was brilliant. I had an amazing time. I liked the fact that the retreat wasn’t just centred around the presentations there were also group activities to take part in. I especially liked going the walks around the Burn estate and to the Queen’s well. As always the Burn was an excellent venue and the food was great. I would definitely recommend attendance at future retreats to other students and will definitely be back next year if it is running.’

‘I would highly recommend this to other students; the venue, food, timing and location were all excellent. The retreat was invaluable to me for making connections with other students in my field and several possible collaborations have come out of it. The variety of research topics and skills present at the conference gave me some new perspectives on my own project.’

‘This year’s retreat was second to none – an excellent mix of social and academic activities, it was especially nice to have the chance to present in a more relaxed atmosphere – this is something you often don’t get the chance to do in academia. The accommodation and food were also brilliant. Since the retreat I have encouraged peers to join SAGES and attend future events.’

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SAGES Graduate Retreat 2012

The SAGES Graduate Retreat took place on 28 - 30 November 2012 at The Burn, Edzell, Angus. This years programme included a guest lecture by Professor Iain Stewart, University of Plymouth. Iain is a well-known for his various high-profile TV programmes on the Earth's landscape and environment. He is also a highly-accomplished geologist and geomorphologist!

SAGES Graduate Students at The Burn