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Research and Innovation Committee

The SAGES Research & Innovation Committee is chaired by the SAGES Director, Mark Inall who is joined on the committee by the Theme leaders and the SAGES Graduate School Convener. The Research & Innovation Committee is charged with developing and delivering the scientific strategy of SAGES, award studentships and coordinate the graduate programme. The committee is also responsible for proposing and leading new initiatives and making critical assessment of SAGES performance.

[Inall] Chair, Prof. Mark Inall, SAGES Director, Scottish Association for Marine Science
SAGES Directorate

[John Howe]Dr. John Howe, SAGES Graduate School Convenor, Scottish Association for Marine Science
Graduate School Convenor

Rob Bingham Dr. Robert Bingham, Chancellors Fellow / Reader, School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh
Landscape dynamics, Theme 1

Bob McCulloch Dr. Bob McCulloch, Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling
Landscape dynamics,Theme 1

Kate Heal New Prof. Kate Heal, Professor of Catchment Biogeochemistry, University of Edinburgh
Terrestrial Carbon, Theme 2

Susan Waldron Prof. Susan Waldron, Professor of Biogeochemistry, University of Glasgow
Terrestrial Carbon, Theme 2

Finlo Cottier Dr. Finlo Cottier, Head of Physics, Sea Ice and Technology Department, SAMS
Atmosphere, Oceans and Climates, Theme 3

[Ioan Fazey] Prof. Ioan Fazey, Professor of Social Dimensions Of Environmental Change, University of Dundee
Society, Theme 4

Alexandre Gagnon Dr. Alexandre Gagnon, Lecturer in Environmental Sciences, University of the West of Scotland
Society, Theme 4

Simon Tett Prof. Simon Tett, Professor of Earth System Dynamics, University of Edinburgh
Centre for Earth System Dynamics