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SAGES Annual Meeting 2011

SAGES Annual Meeting Agenda

Day 1

SAGES Graduate School Presentations;
Louise Slater (St Andrews)
Aurdrey Wayolle (Stirling), Multiscale soil carbon distribution in two sub-arctic landscapes

SAGES People (Chair: Kate Heal)
Yit Teh (St Andrews) Andean ecosystems - source or sink of non-CO2 greenhouse gases?
Terry Dawson (Dundee): Global environmental change and social-ecological interactions: The challenge of food security.
Michael Singer (St Andrews), Laura Johnstone, Simon Dufour, John C. Stella, Hervé Piégay, and Robert J.S. Wilson: Water uptake and growth responses to drought in co-occurring Mediterranean riparian tree species.
Zhenhong Li (Glasgow): Radar interferometry and earthquake hazards: the 2010 Mw 6.8 Yushu (Qinghai, China) earthquake.

SAGES in Review: Plenary Session
Trevor Hoey (Glasgow): Introduction and scope of SAGES
David Sugden (Edinburgh): SAGES vision and mission
Dr Emma Defew(MASTS representative) Cross-pool working and SAGES
Simon Tett (Edinburgh): The Centre for Earth System Dynamics

SAGES Science: Plenary session (Chair: Trevor Hoey)
Rachel Howell (Edinburgh): Ten minutes to save the planet
Shailaja Vinjili (St Andrews)
Cheryl Wood (St Andrews): Validating calcium tracer based tree-ring dating of tropical wood

SAGES Science Highlights: Martin Siegert (Edinburgh): Exploration of subglacial Lake Ellsworth, West Antarctica

Day 2

Plenary session
KT, KE and Impact
(a) Susan Waldron (Glasgow): Why exchange knowledge?
(b) Alexandre Gagnon (UWS): Working with local government
What do users need from us?
Delivering Impact: Trevor Hoey: Some lessons from the REF pilot impact study

Theme Break-Out Sessions