School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Geological Resources and Waste Storage

Geology and geophysics relevant to resources, natural hazards and the environment.

We seek to better understanding of chemical and physical properties of materials, the origin and history of pore fluids, minerals, rocks, rock assemblages, and magmas, and their interactions, at all scales within the Earth. We develop new seismological, electromagnetic, gravitational, magnetic and industrial seismic methods to remotely interrogate the Earth.

Many of our staff have excellent working relationships with industry and government, both in the UK and abroad which enhances the value and impact of our applied research.

Geophysical Research

Exploration Seismology
Earthquake Seismology
Physical Geodesy
Planetary Magnetism
Rock Magnetism
Rock Physics

Geochemical Research

Neoproterozoic Chemostratigraphy
Aqueous Geochemistry
Carbonate Processes
Carbon Storage Research
Experimental Geochemistry
Igneous Petrology
Metamorphic Petrology

Geodynamic Research

Palaeomagnetism & Palaeogeography
Orogenic Evolution
Tethyan Research
Seismic & Sequence Stratigraphy
Structural Geology
Physical Volcanology