School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Centre for the study of Environmental Change and Sustainability Research Group (CECS)

Staff, students, their interests and ongoing projects
Below is a list of staff and postgraduate students who make up the Centre for the study of Environmental Change and Sustainability research group in the School of GeoSciences, their interests and some ongoing projects.

Dr. Simon J. Allen -
Professor Ruth Doherty climate-chemistry interactions, modelling atmospheric composition, air quality and human health, climate change and air pollution impacts.
Claudia Fricke -
Dr. Barbra A. Harvie -
Professor Kate V. Heal Biogeochemical cycling; treatment of mine drainage in wetlands; sustainable urban drainage; hydrochemical processes in upland catchments.
Dr. Andrew R. McLeod Global environmental change; environmental sustainability; impacts on stratospheric ozone depletion and ultraviolet radiation on ecosystems; air pollution effects; climate change impacts; interdisciplinary research in environmental change and sustainability
Dr. Marc J. Metzger Global environmental change will cause significant changes in ecosystems and the services they provide.
Dr. Genevieve Patenaude -
Professor David Reay Studies climate change and its interaction with greenhouse gas fluxes in managed and natural ecosystems around the world.
Professor Mark D.A. Rounsevell Land use responses to environmental change; spatial analysis and modelling of land use change systems; climate change impact and adaptation assessment;foresight analysis and environmental change futures.
Dr. Simon J. Shackley Socio-econonmics of Biochar and its deployment in industrialised and developing countries.
Professor Colin T. Whittemore Animal nutrition; integrated management systems; growth modelling; optimisation of breeding and production.

Postgraduate Students

Corinne Baulcomb (PhD) Susan Anne Davies (PhD)
Lauren Eden (MPhil) Afiq Mohd Fahmi (PhD)
Christiane Valluri-Nitsch (PhD)