School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Professor Andrew Curtis

Current Research Students

Mohammed Alkharji Research Student (Full-Time)
Hugo Bloem Research Student (Full-Time)
Alyssa Crippen Research Student (Full-Time)
Dominic Cummings Research Student (Full-Time)
Eva Dokter Research Student (Full-Time)
Angus Lomas Research Student (Full-Time)
Louise Parkes Research Student (Full-Time)
Xuebin Zhao Research Student (Full-Time)

Previous Research Students at the School of GeoSciences

Erica Galetti Interferometric monitoring of the Earth's interior (PhD, 2015)
Sophie Harland Role of microporosity and wettability on fluid flow in carbonates (PhD, 2015)
Katrin Loer Monitoring the Dynamic Earth's Interior using Seismic Interfermometry (PhD, 2015)
Matthew Walker Efficient nonlinear petrophysical inversion for hydrocarbon reservoirs (PhD, 2015)
Weining Liu Analysis of PS-converted wave seismic data in the presence of azimuthal anisotropy (PhD, 2014)
John Gonzalez Linares Estimating body and surface waves using virtual sources and receivers (PhD, 2013)
Zara Rawlinson Interferometric monitoring of the Earth's interior (MRes, 2013)
Robert Shore An improved description of Earth's external magnetic fields and their source regions using satellite data (PhD, 2013)
Simon King Non-physical energy in seismic interferometry (PhD, 2012)
Craig Duguid MSc by Research in GeoSciences (individual project): Seismic Interferometry (MRes, 2011)
Heather Nicolson Exploring the Earth's Subsurface with Virtual Seismic Sources and Receivers (PhD, 2011)
Mohammad Shahraeeni Inversion of seismic attributes for petrophysical parameters and rock facies (PhD, 2010)
Adam Wilson Theory and methods of frequency-dependent avo inversion (PhD, 2010)
David Halliday Surface wave interferometry (PhD, 2009)
David Price Statistical correlation and simulation of carbonate heterogeneity (PhD, 2009)
Mohamed Zaied GeoSciences [Petroleum Geology] Thesis title: Seismic and Sequence stratigraphy (MSc by Research, 2008)

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