The N'hambita Community Carbon Project

Project Documents

The end of project report is now available

Published Papers

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Envirotrade reports and documents

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Annual Reports

Final end of project report

Executive Summary of Final Report

The final report has been split into 6 downloadable sections

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External Evaluations

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Technical Documents

The Technical Specifications can be found in the final project report above

Gorongosa Forest Management Plan

N'hambita Carbon Crediting Technical Note

Tree species descriptions for land use options

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The recommended text for more information on Miombo Woodlands is available online. The Miombo in Transition: Woodlands & Welfare in Africa (CIFOR 1996).

Contribution of miombo woodlands to household economy and socio-economic deerminants of woodland use: The case of Mozambique. A PEN study in Mozambique by Ravi Hegde (DRAFT 2007).

Pilot socio-economic study 1997: Nhambita Regulado, Sofala Province. GERFFA, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Maputo, Mozambique (Howell, D. and Convery, I. 1997).

Towards community-based forest management of miombo woodlands in Mozambique. Alda Salomao and Frank Matose (May 2007).

Further information about the tree species used in the project's land use systems can be found in the World Agroforestry Centre's Tree Database.

Miombo Woodland: Policies and Incentives. A CIFOR (Centre for International Forestry Research) project.

TROBIT (Tropical Biomes in Transition). The University of Leeds, School of Geography

Natural Resources Forum (May 2008) p116-130. Forestry-based carbon sequestration projects in Africa: Potential benefits and challenges Jindal. R, Swallow, B and Kerr, J.

The IPCC Report on Good Practice Guidance on Land-Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (2003).

The output from the UNFCCC meeting in Bali (December 2007) on REDD Reducing emissions from avoided deforestation in developing countries: approaches to stimulate action. cp13.

For more information about the background to Voluntary carbon offsets, and to see the wider context of the international carbon market please see information on the Clean Development Mechanism and the Kyoto Protocol.

More information is available online about BR&D, and Plan Vivo.

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