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School of GeoSciences

Professor Kathy Whaler

Professor Kathy Whaler

Professor of Geophysics

Grant Institute
School of GeoSciences
The University of Edinburgh
The King's Buildings
West Mains Road
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Research Interests

Geomagnetism, planetary magnetism, crustal magnetisation, magnetotellurics, inverse theory, core dynamics and thermal history.

Current Research

GEOSPACE - Led a NERC funded consortium looking at Geomagnetic Earth Observation from SPACE. This was a 5 year research grant funding the exploitation of data from the new generation of vector magnetic field satellites.

Crustal Magnetisation - Using satellite data to infer crustal magnetisation of the Earth (part of GEOSPACE), Mars and the Moon. Much of this research is in collaboration with Mike Purucker at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Magnetotellurics - Field-based projects in Africa, aimed at structural and tectonic understanding, and assessing hydrocarbon potential. Part of the Afar rift consortium, an inter-disciplinary study of how the Earth’s crust grows at divergent plate boundaries.

Current Research Students

Robert Shore NERC BUFI-funded research topic "Satellite magnetometry and the new ESA SWARM constellation" in conjunction with the British Geological Survey
James Lindsey Fulbright-funded research topic "Geothermal potential of the Afar region of Ethiopia inferred from magnetotelluric and seismic data" for an MSc by Research

Recent Research Students

Nicholas Johnson NERC-funded research topic "Magnetotelluric studies of the crust and upper mantle in a zone of active continental breakup, Afar, Ethiopia" as part of the Afar rift consortium
Ruth Carley NERC-funded research topic "Magnetisation of the lunar crust"
Louise Barron
(2nd supervisor)
"How do rocks record the changes in the Earth's magnetic field?"
Tulu Besha Bedada
(2nd supervisor)
"Airborne gravimetry and a new vertical reference system for Ethiopia"
Mohammednur Desissa MSc by Research "Magnetotelluric Survey in the Dabbaho Volcanic Segment, Afar Depression, Northern Ethiopia" awarded with Distinction
Ciaran Beggan NERC-funded research topic "Secular variation prediction using core surface flows" as part of the GEOSPACE consortium