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Dr Vivian Scott

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Selected publications, reports, news:

The Feasibility of a European Wide Integrated CO2 Transport Network. R.J. Stewart, V. Scott, R.S. Haszeldine, D. Ainger, S. Argent. Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, 2014.

“‘In case of emergency press here’: framing geoengineering as a response to dangerous climate change. N. Markusson, N. Ghaleigh, F. Ginn, V. Scott. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 2013.

Europe's untamed carbon. Nature News, January 8, 2013.

Last Chance for CCS. V.Scott, S. Gilfillan, N. Markusson, H. Chalmers, R.S. Haszeldine. Nature Climate Change (published Feb 2013).

What can we expect from Europe's carbon capture and storage demonstrations? V. Scott, Energy Policy (published online Dec 2012).

The Social Dynamics of Carbon Capture and Storage (contributing author).

What Will CCS Demonstrations Demonstrate? A Research Agenda, Russell, S., Markusson, N., Scott. V. Mitigation and adaptation of Strategies for Global Change, 2012.


Instant expert - Carbon Capture and Storage, R.S. Haszeldine, V.Scott - New Scientist, March 2011

Studying CO2 storage beneath the North Sea, R.S. Haszeldine, V.Scott - Energy Focus, Autumn 2011.

Sensitivity analysis of an Ocean Carbon Cycle Model in the North Atlantic: an investigation of parameters affecting the air-sea CO2 flux, primary production and export of detritus: V. Scott, H. Kettle, C.Merchant - Ocean Sciences, 2011