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School of GeoSciences

Software developed by the Land Surface Dynamics Group


Our group has developed a large range of tools for analysing topography and modelling geomorphic evolution. Collectively, these are called LSDTopoTools. The most up to date public releases of our software can be found on our GitHub site. We have written extensive documentation for the software, which can be found on the LSDTopoTools documentation website.

Chi analysis tools

This software is used to analyse the steepness of river profiles, normalized for drainage area. We have used the code in a manuscript that has been submitted to JGR-Earth Surface, you can find the manuscript here:

Get Mudd et al. chi manuscript

Recent version of the code

A recent version of the code can be found by clicking this link for the github repository. You can get the instructions from our documentation pages (see below).

Older versions

Versions dating to the publication of the paper

Source code, documentation and instructions are found at the CDSMS website:

Link to chi analysis tools.

It isn't so obvious where to find documentation in the CSDMS website so I've put it here as well:

Instructions for selecting the channel to use for analysis.

Instructions for running m/n analysis and extracting chi profiles.

THIS IS THE OLD DOCUMENTATION WHICH WORKS WITH THE CSDMS VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE. See the LSDTopoTools documentation website for the latest documentation.