School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Sian Henley BSc (Hons), PhD

Sian Henley

Lecturer in Marine Science

Room 324, Grant Institute,
School of Geosciences,
University of Edinburgh,
Kings Buildings,
James Hutton Road,
Edinburgh EH9 3FE.


Tel: 0131 650 7288

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My research interests centre on marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems in Earth's polar regions, their changes in response to global change, and their importance for large-scale carbon and nutrient cycling and ocean-climate feedbacks. I have recently completed a five-year NERC Independent Research Fellowship entitled "Isotopic characterisation of nutrient dynamics and UCDW behaviour in the west Antarctic Peninsula sea ice environment", in which I examined nutrient and carbon cycling in the west Antarctic Peninsula shelf region, in the context of the rapid climate change and sea ice declines underway, and the implications for oceanic uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide. My research is continuing along the west Antarctic Peninsula through a PhD studentship with the Edinburgh E3 DTP, a new PhD project to start September 2019, and through national and international collaboration.

I am an Investigator on two projects as part of the NERC Changing Arctic Ocean program, which aims to characterise and quantify the changes in marine biological productivity and biogeochemical cycling occurring in response to rapid warming and sea ice losses in the Arctic region.

  • Arctic PRIZE (PRoductivity in the seasonal Ice ZonE) is a multidisciplinary international project examining the effect of sea ice changes in the Arctic Ocean on ocean physics and nutrient dynamics and consequently on biological productivity and ecosystem functioning.

  • The Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor (ChAOS) is a multidisciplinary project to elucidate the impacts of declining sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean on the biological communities and nutrient cycling in seafloor ecosystems, and the implications for carbon sequestration and burial.

If you would like more information on any of my research, teaching or other activities, please feel free to contact me using the details above.