School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


PhD Title: Economic mechanisms for supplying agrobiodiversity conservation services

Supervisors: Dominic Moran, Geoff Simm and Antonio Ioris


Topic: Currently studying towards my PhD at Univeristy of Edinburgh, I specialise in applying economic valuation to environmental resources. Specifically, my research aims to develop resource management plans and policy initiatives which act to reduce external pressures inhibiting the supply of environmental goods and services. I have a particular interest in applying non-market valuation methodologies to measure non-use values consumers (i.e. public) may attach to environmental resources. Developing cost effective policy recommendations are a key component and interest within my work.

Aim: My PhD aims to provide an assessment of the economic mechanisms both driving and hindering supply of Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR) in the UK and further afield. The socio-economic implications of livestock intensification are often overlooked and remain issues of considerable conjecture. Concentration on a smaller number of elite breeding lines for commercial livestock production has left behind a number of breeds, now small in number, whose true worth is often poorly understood and undervalued in conventional markets. We hope to address this market failure and illustrate the potential benefits of applying proven cost-based approached to address FAnGR declines (i.e. Payments for Ecosystem Services).