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School of GeoSciences

Jessica Shepherd

My research is focused on the capture and re-use of phosphorus as fertiliser to support global food production. In my PhD to date I have designed, tested and improved materials made from waste products to capture phosphorus from waste water and transfer it to soil as fertiliser. Principally, this has involved the chemical and physical characterisation of different materials and the development of appropriate experimental methods to test their suitability as waste water phosphorus filters and soil additives. My PhD is supervised by Prof Kate Heal and Dr Saran Sohi and has has been made possible by the support of the University of Edinburgh and the School of GeoSciences through the Principal's Career Development Scholarship and the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship, and by ACTEW Water (now Icon), Australia.

If you are interested in this topic or would like to speak with me about my research, please contact me on the details below:

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