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I am originally from Leeds, but have lived in Manchester and currently Edinburgh for university. I have always had a huge interest in physical sciences, especially those concerned with the environment and the atmosphere.

As well as being interested in physical sciences, I also am a very keen rower. I rowed for all three years at Manchester University and was on the GB talent program for rowing, which led me to take part in the GB trials.

For more information please take a look at my CV (no longer available)


I have graduate from The University of Manchester with a 2.1, having studied BSc(Hons) Envrionmental Science.

The School of Earth, Atmospheric and Envrionmental Sciences, University of Manchester

BSc (Hons) Envrionmental Science Course Information

My dissertation was on 'A Laboratory Study into the Habit of Ice Crystals and their Aggregation Efficiency' with Dr Paul Connolly.


I graduated from The University of Leeds with a MRes in Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere with a Pass with Merit.

The School of Earth and Envrionment, University of Leeds

MRes Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere Course Information

My dissertation for the MRes was 'An evaluation of Climate and High-Resolution Models of Orographic Rainfall over sub-Saharan North Africa with observational data' with Prof Doug Parker.


I am currently studying for a PhD with Prof Paul Palmer in Biomass Burning and Tropospheric Chemistry.

I will be looking at the chemistry of forest fire smoke plumes, in particular as part of the BORTAS Campaign.