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School of GeoSciences

Christiane Valluri-Nitsch

[Overlooking the Mountains of Sutherland from Quinaig]

PhD: Future Land Use Visions for Scotland


Dr. Marc Metzger
Prof. Martin Price
Dr. Dave Murray-Rust
Dr. Rob Mc Morran

The aim of my doctorate is to study means of assessing visions of future land use in Scotland. With many pressures and competing demands it is inevitable that there will be different visions; the plan is to balance these demands and evaluate trade-offs. I intend to develop and test methods to assess these visions for different stakeholder groups in Scotland and link them to current research undertaken at EU level (VOLANTE Project). This will be a cross-disciplinary study looking at different land use sectors involving relevant stakeholders, Non-Governmental Organisations, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Government as well as the general public.

Parallel to my research I run my own Geo-Environmental company, concentrating on geotechnical site investigations and ecological monitoring. Since 2009 I have been involved with a wide range of projects, from wind farms to housing developments. For more information view my capability statement

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