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Managing Radioactive Waste Safely 2012

Evidence against proceeding to make more investigations in west Cumbria

Objectors technical documents are filed here from Smythe March 2012 consultation response and from Haszeldine March 2012 consultation response

Also review of how research plans on radioactive waste disposal by Nuclear Decommissioning Authority are woefully insufficient, Haszeldine consultancy to west Cumbria MRWs March to may 2011 Review , Images , Reply, to unsatisfactory NDA defence

Also, June 2012 comment by Haszeldine in reply to MRWS on the known large abundance of fractures in the Eskdale granite and the current licensing of west Cumbria for shale gas and coal bed methane, means that these areas should be excluded from as candidates for a repository search.

A summary Opinion piece by Link text on why we are where we are now with UK radioactive waste disposal in westCumbria And how both the technical science case, and the political process have both failed.

A shorter text is published on Open Democracy radioactive waste in Lake District, Cumbria, please can you Tweet and Facebook that if you know how to.

If you want to know a lot more detail, then visit Professor David Smythe .

Votes by parish councils show a clear trend of not agreeing to further investigation. Three images are shown, giving different data.
An important news release is from CALC (Cumbria Association of Local Councils), who have impartially represented local Parish Councils on the MRWS process.
On 21 April 2012, CALC decided that they no longer had confidence in the integrity of the MRWS process, and recommended their members should NOT proceed .

Map compiled by David Smythe, from data on CALC website and from personal communications with local communities Map of parish votes for, or against, or non-voting 29 April 2012
This map shows the votes of parish councils FOR proceeding to further investigation of west Cumbria (green)
the votes of parish councils AGAINST proceeding to further investigation of west Cumbria (red)
The votes of parish councils UNDECIDED, but usually NO VOTE proceeding to further investigation of west Cumbria (yellow)
The regions of west Cumbria excluded from further investigation by a British Geological Survey report 2011 are shown red cross hatched
The boundary of the Lake District National Park is to thte west as a THICK BLACK line.
The boundary of the westCumbriaMRWS partnership for radioactive waste burial is show to the east as a THICK GREEN line, i.e. that includes a large part of the Lake District National Park.

[Parish votes 29April2012]

And below a map of west Cumbria showing the 18 May 2012 position, compiled by Arthur Millie.
This shows only the areas in Cumbria considering volunteering as storage sites
KEY: RED = no, GREEN = Yes, Orange = Discussed but undecided, Black = Not proposing to consider, Yellow = No information received
NUMBERS Underlined = Copeland , Not underlined = Allerdale .
Names of parishes are listed by

[For Against undecided 18May2012]

And, below, the numbers of population represented by the parish Council votes on 29 April 2012 [Number of votes in Allerdale 29April2012]