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School of GeoSciences

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Radioactive waste Cumbria media

Websites set up by proposers and opposers

MRWS the official consultation interaction

DECC the Government department responsible for locating a site

Smythe - David Smythe's site containing lots of modern analysis (form objectors) and archives of Nirex and Inspectors planning inquiry report

NDA, the government funded agency responsible for developing a site, once it has been chosen

SOLD - Save Our lake District, Dont dump Cumbria

SPAND - Solway Plain against nuclear dumping

NOEND - a citizens group in Ennerdale

NoLakes Nuke Dump citizens group - with all the emails of the Councillors involved in voting for or against this radwaste proposal

38 Degrees Petition on line to oppose GDF construction

video on Ennerdale and the development propositions

Short national news 27 May 20012 on Channel 4.

Note that the local opinion poll referred to at the start of this piece is fatally flawed, and tells us only that the overwhelming majority of local residents do not know anything about radioactive waste, even though local residents may be very familiar with other aspects of the nuclear industries.