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Allerdale and Copeland sites

On November 21 at Maryport, and November 22 at Silloth, presentations were given
by Professor Stuart Haszeldine on the geology and choices posed to communities by MRWS and how some of these are not legally clear. Cumbria geology,
Also by Professor David Smythe, who explored the implications of Solway Plain geology for siting and construction of a GDF.
This is a companion piece to the siting choices, environmental impact and landscape implications of tunnelling to Ennerdale from Sellafield .
Attendances were funded by contributions derived from local community campaigners, not by any national organisations.

On September 6 and September 7 2012, public meetings were held in Cockermouth School, and in Calder Bridge village Hall. These were organised by concerned individuals of the public, not by any national NGO. All attendances were privately funded, not by any campaign organisation or stakeholders.

At these meetings presentations (click on the coloured links) were given by

Professor Stuart Haszeldine of Edinburgh University - West Cumbria radioactive waste site suitability : the backdrop to UK radioactive waste disposal, the history of site investigation, geological resons why west Cumbria is not suitable, and organisational reasons why the MRWS process is not yet mature enough to provide Councils with enough information and assurance to accept moving forwards. The probability of finding a storage site in Cumbria is assessed by many experts as very low.

Prof Andy Blowers, formerly of CoRWM (Committee on Radioactive Waste Management), spoke on Time to Consider, Time to Decide : the process of MRWS, how that differs from the programme and aims agreed by CoRWM, ethics, benefits, resolving of disputed issues, and involvement of citizens and communities in decision making

Prof David Smythe, emeritus of Glasgow University, explained the site selection process, and explained how more than adequate information already exists to make a decision to exclude possible sites in Allerdale District - specifically around Silloth and the Mercia Mudstone Group, and also sites in Copeland District sites in Copeland District - specifically the Eskdale and Ennerdale granites are not suitable.

Thanks to Colin Wales and to Steven Quas for organisation.