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PhD Thesis

This is a link to PDF version of my doctoral thesis. The research for my thesis was conducted at the Griffin experiment site over the period 1997 through 2001. I have made this thesis available as individual chapters/appendices to reduce the size of download. The thesis in a single PDF file is 42 mb, and much of the appendices may not be of great interest unless you need details of the Griffin experiement.

If you would like a summary of the results, see the micrometeorology lab research page here.

PDF file Description
PreambleContains title pages, table of contents, symbol list, etc.
Chapter 1Introduction
Chapter 2Description of the experiment site. Includes site layout, power, and description of canopy and soils.
Chapter 3Microclimate measurement techniques. For more detailed description of instrumentation see Appendix A.
Chapter 4Results of microclimate measurements.
Chapter 5Flux measurement theory and methods.
Chapter 6Theory of effect of time averaging of signals.
Chapter 7Analysis of effect of different flux frequency response correction methods.
Chapter 8Results of flux measurements.
Chapter 9Conclusions.
Appendix ADetailed description of instrumentation.
Appendix BDerivations, equations and ancillary models.
Appendix CListing of sample plot measurements.
Appendix D1Instrumentation reference list.
Appendix D2Instrumentation reference list, continued.
Appendix EInstruement installation time-lines.
Appendix FSoftware reference, and EdiRe flux processing list.
Appendix GQuality control reference list.
Appendix HSonic anemometer correction theory.