School of GeoSciences

Global Change Ecology: Mathew Williams

Current Research Group

Post Docs

Darren Slevin: DataLab, Crop water foot printing

Jeff Exbrayat: NERC NCEO, Assimilating biomass data into C cycle models

Luke Smallman, GREENHOUSE, NERC GHG programme

Andrew Revill ATEC, BBSRC SARIC programme

David Milodowski, Tropical Deforestation, UK Space Agency

Kasia Sawicka, Tropical Deforestation, UK Space Agency and tropical crops, Royal Society

Vasilis Myrgiotis, Soils for Greenhouse gas recovery, NERC

PhD students

Ebuka Nwobi: "Forest Carbon Dynamics in Mangroves of Nigeria"

Sophie Flack, "Carbon-water interactions in Amazonian forests",NERC DTP scholarship.

Felix Trotter, "Fire and carbon cycling in tropical Australia",NERC DTP scholarship.

Evan Cornforth, "Forest health detection and diagnosis", Industrial strategy scholarship.

Efren Lopez Blanco, "Biogeochemical cycling in the high latitudes", Joint Edinburgh-Aarhus PhD scholarship.

Past students and researchers

Iain McNicol: Post-doc, University of Edinburgh.

Anthony Bloom, Post-doc at NASA JPL, Pasadena, USA.

Oliver Sus, Researcher at German Weather Service.

Lorna Street, Post-Doc at Heriot-Watt

Mark Van Wijk, faculty at Wageningen University, Plant Sciences

Luiz Aragao, faculty at INPE, Brazil

Rosie Fisher, Research Scientist at NCAR, USA.

Tim Hill, faculty at Exeter University

Dan Metcalfe, faculty at University of Umea, Sweden.

Martin de Kauwe, Post-doc at Macquarie University, Australia.

Luke Spadavecchia, Civil Servant at Defra (UK govt), London.

Andrew Cross, researcher at BioChar research centre, Edinburgh

David Galbraith, faculty at University of Leeds

Casey Ryan, faculty the School of GeoSciences, Edinburgh.

Paul Stoy, faculty at Montana State University, USA.

Theresa Meacham, Global Food Security Programme, UK.

Lucy Rowland, Post-Doc at Exeter University

Emily Woollen, Post-Doc at Univ of Edinburgh.

Yin Hoon, Post-Doc at Mt Sinai Medical Center, NYC, USA.

Cristina Chinchilla Soto, Faculty at University of Costa Rica.

Georgios Xenakis, Forest Research, Edinburgh.