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PyGMT - Python wrapper for GMT

The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) are a fantastic tools for generating maps. In particular, I do not know of any other scientific visualisation package which can handle geographic projections like GMT can. On the other hand, GMT is very unwieldy and not well suited for complex visualisation projects. Python is an object-oriented programming language which can be used to wrap the GMT programs to provide an object-oriented framework for GMT.

This project is very much in its infancy and currently I am the only user (who can presumably live with various oddities). The wrappers only access a subset of the many arguments of GMT commands. It also should be noted, that I use Linux as my main (only) platform, so your milage might vary on other UNIXes and I am very sure that it will not work with Windows because of the way I pipe grids into the GMT commands. If you are interested give PyGMT a try. Contributions and suggestions are always welcome.

The project is now hosted on github. You can find the project page here.


GMT4 Update (06/04/2009)

After a long absence I have update PyGMT to use GMT4. The new version is not released yet, but you can get the new version from the CVS repository.

Problem with GMT4 (14/05/2004)

Grr, GMT4 changed names of parameters from ANOT_ to ANNOT_ (I guess that reflects the correct spelling of annotation). This change breaks the Python scripts. This needs sorting out.

PyGMT-0.2 Released (18/04/2004)

Some minor updates. Every file has a copyright statement and included GPL text. The project is now hosted on NeSCForge. You can get it from here: PyGMT-0.2.tar.gz.

PyGMT-0.1 Released (25/02/2004)

Some minor updates. Added a license to the code. It's now licensed as GPL. Improved the setup script according to very useful comments from Roland LaForge. You can get it from here: PyGMT-0.1.tar.gz.

PyGMT-0.0 Released (12/02/2004)

Initial release of the Python GMT wrapper. The tar ball can be found here: PyGMT-0.0.tar.gz.