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Magnus Hagdorn's Home Page

After all this time, I finally got round to creating a home page. There is not much here yet (the standard excuse) but I hope to add interesting bits and bobs as I go along.

My academic work is concerned with the simulation of past ice sheets. I am a member of the Global Change Research Group. My main interests are model development and data visualisation. I am also very interested in grid computing and escience. More later...

As part of the GLIMMER introduction at the EGU 2005 we also produced a CD. You can either download an image of the CD or browse it on-line.

Download my PhD thesis and data files from the Edinburgh Research Archive. Thesis
Download the posters I presented at various conferences. Posters
Experiments I have done with the ice sheet model GLIDE can be found here. GLIDE
Efforts to standardise ISM output files are here. ISMstandard
PyGMT - A Python wrapper for GMT. PyGMT
F90 and F77 bindings for proj4 a Cartographic Projection Library. f90_proj4
some useful links can be found here... Links
my photography website Marsupium Photography