School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Funding Secured

Total grant income associated with my research and experimental capability is valued at over 1.7M to The University of Edinburgh. I have made a significant and direct contribution to four successful grants in the last 5 years generating funding to cover 100% of my time, plus four PhD students, an additional full time PDRA and full time technical officer.

EU H2020 project FracRisk,

June 2015 to June 2018. I co-wrote WP2 and had significant involvement with the intellectual design, content and structuring of the entire initial proposal submission document, assisting Chris McDermott the project coordinator. I was entirely responsible for Annex B of the GRANT agreement preparation and contributed significantly to Annex A. The aim of FracRisk is to reduce the environmental impact of shale gas exploration and exploitation through risk analysis based on hydro-geo-engineering characterisation, numerical modelling, monitoring and mitigation leading to best practice recommendations and legislative input at an EU level. I am assistant coordinator alongside project coordinator Chris McDermott, the work package leader of WP2 (data collection and analysis) and undertake research for this flagship EU project. FracRisk comprises 13 partners from 7 EU countries, USA & Israel, with 5 international companies as advisors. Total project value, 3M Euro, value to The University of Edinburgh 500k.

Industry funded ICCR project GeoMeChem,

March 2015 to September 2018. I had significant involvement with the GeoMeChem proposal, a geo-mechanical and chemical investigation of hydrocarbon production in carbonates, through multi-scale experimental research and numerical modelling of the flow and coupled process behaviour of carbonate rocks on highly sensitive commercial data/samples. The intellectual design and methods used in this project are a direct result of the experimental capability I developed. I also wrote the associated PhD description, was involved in the selection and interview process and supervise the student. I have the primary project management and supervisory role. Project value to Edinburgh University 430k.

EU FP7 PANACEA project,

2012 – 2014. Following on from the success of the results of the experimental investigations generated during the first EU FP7 MUSTANG project, I took a significant role in providing the intellectual design, experimental capability and co-writing of WP2 and WP4 of the successful EU FP7 project, PANACEA ( predicting and monitoring the long term behaviour of stored CO2). I took the lead on the day to day responsibility and management of the research activity, allocated resources, staff and student supervision and was the lead on the Edinburgh deliverables, which involved coordinating the research and staff at three different universities and bringing the research together into the four deliverable and seven milestone reports, four book chapters and eight peer reviewed publications. Project value to Edinburgh 364k.

GREAT (GeoReservoir Experimental Analogue Technology),

2012 – onwards. The GREAT project involves the design and build of a unique experimental capability, capable of recreating the conditions of anisotropic stress, fluid pressure, fluid chemistry and temperature in large scale samples (200mm in diameter) containing fracture networks and heterogeneities, mimicking in-situ reservoir conditions of up to 3 km depth. I have been actively involved in all aspects of the design, management and proof of concept testing of the GREAT cell due to the fact that I was involved in the operation of the SMART cell at Heriot-Watt, from which the GREAT cell is developed, giving me the unique skill set required for this project. GREAT is a collaborative project between University of Gottingen, Heriot Watt University and University of Edinburgh, with a total project value 880k and value to The University of Edinburgh of 480k.

Additional Funding Awards:

1074 from the Moray Endowment fund for experimental equipment for PhD student Megan O’Donnell (2015).