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EdiRe is a fast, flexible,and user friendly software tool for micrometeorologists with a focus on eddy covariance and microclimatological measurement analysis. EdiRe is adaptable to most eddy covariance raw data formats and capable of incorporating microclimate data.The graphical user interface simplifies development of processing routines and allows rapid redesign of routines to enhance question/answer cycle of data analysis. The author of EdiRE is Robert Clement and all enquiries should be addressed to him (


EdiRe is a free software package designed to run on Windows(tm) operating systems. The EdiRe downloadable zip file contains all the files needed to install EdiRe on your computer.

Several other utilities and EdiRe sample files are also available for download.

Help and FAQ

The EdiRe help files contained within the software have been placed on this web site for evaluation purposes. We have also developed a database of FAQ's of some of the more commonly encountered issues. A revision history identifing changes EdiRe.


Tutorials showing how to carry out some common data processing methods using EdiRe