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School of GeoSciences


Gillian Raab

Isaac Newton Synthetic Data Workshop

Data for first challenge November 2016

What Links to material
R data challenge.Rdata
Compressed comma separated file (challenge.csv)
Codebook to explain data codebook.pdf

Course material for survival analysis course

Course notes You have printed copies.

Other material

What Links to material
Power point presentation GR slides for survival
Power point presentation DE slides on SLS survival examples
SPSS syntax practical_1.sps practical_2.sps practical_3.sps
Stata syntax
R syntax practical_1.R practical_2.R practical3part1.R practical3part2.R

Course material for synthetic data course

Background material

What File or link
Link to introductory R text book
Introductory Statistics with R
Paper being revised for Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality
Background paper on methods for synthetic data
Paper accepted for the Journal of Statistical Software
Describing and explaining the synthpop package

Course timetable, presentations and notes

Time Session File or link
10 to 10.45 Lecture Background to synthetic data and synthpop slides
10.45-11 Coffee break
11-11.30 Demo - including intro to synthpop code for demo
11.30-12.30 Practical Exploring data for synthesis
12.30-13.15 Lunch break - bring your own or visit cafe
13.15-14.15 Lecture Introduction to synthpop slides
14.15-16.00 Demo and practical Using synthpop code for demo