School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Gabriele Clarissa Hegerl

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Research Interests

Climate diagnostics and statistical climatology;
variability and changes in temperature, precipitation, climatic extremes
Constraining future climate change by estmating the magnitude of observed radiatively forced climate change,
use of palaeo proxy data to study climate variability and change during the last millennium.
Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and fellow of the American Geophysical Union I received a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award, and am on the Thompson Reuters list of worlds most influential scientific minds 2014 (list of most highly cited scientists). I am very grateful to have received the Hans Sigrist Prize of the University of Bern in 2016.
You can hear me talk about my research here and you can here me talk on Michael White (from nature)s podcast on this link.
You can download my vita and Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change products I have contributed to. I gave an interview for the AGU Atmospheric Sciences newsletter (go to page 6), which talks about my career including how I integrated being a mother with being a scientist.
Here you can download some of my



I lead a European Advanced Grant 'Transition into the Anthropocene (TITAN)'', 2013 to 2019.
I co-lead the Grand Challenge on Extremes, and I am involved with the European project Eucleia and led a NERC Project on the causes of change in mean and extreme European climate in the last five centuries, running HadCM3 with individual and combined forcings (solar, volcanic, greenhouse gases, land use, orbital, aerosols....) and applying detection and attribution methods, PDRA Andrew Schurer. I led a workpackage on changes in heat waves and drought (WP6) of the EQUIP project, PDRA Helen Hanlon.
and am PI forWP 4 of the PAGODA project PDRA Debbie Polson.

I am involved with NCAS, and have collaborative projects with Simon Tett (RAPID; NCAS, European climate change) and Sandy Tudhope (ENSO changes in the Holocene).

I have organized the 11th IMSC in Edinburgh
and was PI for the International Detection and Attribution Group until 2010, and am now on its steering group.

Graduate students

Simone Morak on changes in temperature extremes, graduated
Carley Iles on effect of volcanic eruptions on precipitat, graduated
Master student Katie Noake, changes in precipitation, graduated.