School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Fiona McGibbon

Distance Learning Development Officer

I am producing a new, fully online, introductory Earth Science course. This project is supported by the Principal's E-learning Fund. The course will be of ten week's duration, pitched at first year university level and will presume no previous geological knowledge. This course is being offered in conjuction with the University's Office Of Lifelong Learning (OLL). I am currently seconded from OLL where I worked as Course Organiser responsible for Science and Archaeology.

I am proud to be a long standing Associate Lecturer of the Open University and teach three Earth Science courses (S260, S279, S339) to distance learners in Scotland, Northeast England and Western Europe. With over 3000 students enrolled on earth science courses each year, The Open University is the biggest earth science teaching institution.

In my spare time I do geoarchaeology research for the National Museum of Scotland.


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