School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Eva Panagiotakopulu

entomologist Eva Panagiotakopulu BA, MSc, PhD, FRES, FSA, FSA (Scot.)
Senior Lecturer in Palaeoecology
Institute of Geography
School of GeoSciences
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH8 9XP

Room:      1.05e
Phone:       +44 1316502531
Dr Eva Panagiotakopulu
Research Interests

  • Use of insects in palaeoenvironmental interpretation
  • Identification of Coleoptera (beetles) and Diptera (true flies) from Quaternary and archaeological contexts
  • Site taphonomy and preservation of fossil insect remains
  • History of insect-borne diseases
  • History of the pests of stored products and their impact on past societies, particularly in the Mediterranean
  • Environmental change in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions


Dr Eva Panagiotakopulu