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Andy Kerr

Brief Bio

I am the Executive Director of ECCI, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. The Edinburgh Centre works with international partners to lead the development of resilient, clean energy based societies. We foster collaborative working between governments, communities and business leaders to support and deliver workable solutions for a low carbon future. We provide a forum for solving "climate resilience" and "clean energy" problems. And we coordinate and deliver professional skills training, in the form of short courses (Executive Education; Continuing Professional Development) and Masters Courses. The Edinburgh Centre works with businesses, national and local government, and civil society and is supported and hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

I am a co-Director of the Centre of Expertise on Climate Change: ClimateXChange, which provides analysis and advice to support more effective Government policy and practice for the delivery of resilient zero carbon energy systems, including Scotland's target of 100% of its electricity consumption from renewables by 2020.

I am also the acting Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Centre for Carbon Innovation Ltd., which supports clean energy business innovation and partnerships in Hong Kong and southern China. I am a non-executive member on the Scottish Government's Climate Change Delivery Board, which oversees Scotland's challenging emission reduction targets, having been part of the project team that laid out Scotland's strategic options for meeting its long term emission reduction targets including a 42% target by 2020 against a 1990 baseline and 80% by 2050: the Scottish Government's Climate Change Delivery Plan. On resilience, I am a Programme Board Member of Scotland's National Centre for Resilience and chair its Research and Training Working Group.

Previously, I have worked in the private sector in the emerging international carbon and energy markets, working with companies and organisations from a variety of sectors to develop both strategic and practical management responses to climate and clean energy imperatives. I managed and traded carbon instruments (credits / allowances) in a variety of emissions trading schemes, including the UK ETS; EU ETS; and Kyoto. On that topic, I co-authored the book Climate Change & Emissions Trading, which is in its third edition. My public policy work has focused on developing effective national and regional policy frameworks that support the reduction in our dependence on fossil fuels, increase renewable energy deployment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I have been a Director of E3 International, an environmental company which works with major corporations and non-governmental organisations to support their responses to the shift in environmental regulation - from traditional command and control measures to market-based instruments and mechanisms. I have worked for Greenergy, a biofuels company, setting up a used-cooking oil biodiesel supply chain. I obtained my doctorate in climate change from the University of Edinburgh, examining the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet to climate change.